The Big Three

There are three main reasons why I’ll be your new favorite editor:

  1. Not only am I an editor but also a writer.
  2. You’re working with a person, not a business.
  3. Hourly rates are more fair and personalized than per-word rates.

Part Editor, Part Writer

Perhaps the biggest advantage you gain by working with me is not only am I a grammar nerd who loves to edit, but I’m also an avid writer. I have the years of experience and knowledge to edit your writing, but I also can provide writing tips, advice, and expertise from my equally long time spent writing and learning the art of prose and storytelling. By working with me, you’ll be gaining not someone who will look at your writing as just another paper to edit but rather a friend whom you can trust to respect both you and your writing.

That Personal Touch

On top of that, I’m a persona real, living, breathing person. This isn’t just some corporation or commercial service; it’s more like a family-owned-and-operated business. Because of that, you’ll be receiving personal service that’s tailored to you and not some cookie-cutter approach that’s offered by other services in order to make them the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

Hours vs. Words

Speaking of which, let’s talk pricing. Seeing those hourly rates listed on my service pages can be a little daunting, and the prospect of other services that offer per-word charges seems much more stable and not as expensive. I don’t blame you: By multiplying your 80,000-word manuscript by 3¢, you get a promised price of $2,400; it won’t be any lower or higher than that price. Where with a per-hour charge, you don’t know how long it’ll take me to edit your work, and therefore you won’t know how expensive the final bill will be.

If you’ve read my sample contract listed under the services tab, you’ll have noticed I have a policy or two already in place to protect you from the above scenario. You’ll also have noticed that I offer an estimate of how long it will take me to edit your writing based on its length; therefore, you’ll also receive a price estimate, which hopefully settles that uneasiness you might have.

All of my estimates are based on a culmination of data that I have compiled into a spreadsheet. I then took that information and created a personalized calculator that only grows more accurate the more I work, allowing me to provide you with a reliable figure. Then on top of that, I would ask to perform a sample edit of your writing, which I can use to give you an even more personalized estimate. If you’re still unsure, there’s one other detail to know about hourly rates versus per-word rates: they both take the same amount of time to perform.

Let’s say I could copyedit your 80,000-word manuscript in forty hours. At a rate of $25 an hour, that would equate to $1,000. Now consider that if you were being charged an average price of 2.5¢ per word, that would result in $2,000. Already it’s much cheaper to go with the hourly rate in this example, but then take into account how it still would only take forty hours to edit regardless of the charging model. That means in actuality, you’d be paying $50 an hour for that per-word service. That reflects back on how I said other services focus on making the most money in the least amount of time, where with Aproprose Editing, I’m solely focused on servicing you and your piece with the attention you deserve.

Hourly rates also take into account the quality of your work. The better your writing, the less time it will take to edit, meaning you pay less money. With a per-word model, you’d be punished by having to pay more even though your writing requires less work.

Overall, an hourly service lends itself to providing more-customized assistance to you and your writing, treating you like a person rather than a customer. At Aproprose Editing, you’ll be getting exactly that, from one real, living, breathing person to another.

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